The cars and race scenes of the 70s & 80s, were the lifeblood of Weller.

Cars such as Minis, Escorts, Cortinas, Morgans and TR6s, right through to Grand Prix nurturing single seaters or weekend rally warriors. Even though they might not be driven as hard these days, the passion hasn’t changed. Whether it’s trying to create a certain look, or recreating a wheel that isn’t made anymore, we still support that passion.

Mini Pepperpot

Small but perfectly formed our Mini pepperpot certainly packs a punch.  From classics to race tuned, these 80s style wheels with 10 vent holes are ready to spice up any retro ride. Our “W” logo is 3m weather proof, however it can be removed if required.

Retro Ford

The ultimate steel wheel of choice for our classic Ford connoisseurs, the Weller Retro Ford is a great remodel of design from a bygone era.  Using original machinery and traditional tooling techniques, this wheel has a true retro feel. Wheels available in 5.5″, 6″ and 7″ width and 13″ diameter. Available in Classic Silver. Our “W” logo is 3m weather proof, however it can be removed if required.

Recreate your classic

After all the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into your labour of love, choosing the right wheels is essential. Nothing will sit better inbetween your arches than a true Weller classic. Our British made steel wheels are an authentic representation of a time past but never forgotten. “You can’t beat a classic”, so with our senses fuelled from the scent of old leather, the heady aroma of petrol and GTX, the throaty gurgle of an engine kicking over and the smell of burning rubber our design team have built a range of great looking wheels.