Mini 8 Spoke


Our flagship and most iconic design comes to you in Mini form. Bold, durable and built to last, the Mini 8 Spoke (its unique look was where our logo shape was created. The triangular cut out is our signature shield which affords strength with improved air flow for brake cooling) was one of our first 8 spokes and we’re proud to bring them back into the market. Mini 8 Spoke available in semi-gloss black, gloss white or bare steel. Our “W” logo is 3m weather proof, however it can be removed if required.

All of our steels are handmade in the UK, built from certified British steel that goes through 24 operations from sheet steel to the finished wheel. With a 360 degree circumferential weld born out of our Motorsport heritage for strength you won’t find a stronger steel. To finish, each steel is then e-coated and powder coated to give 1000 hrs salt spray protection.


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Semi Gloss Black


4 x 101.6


5, 5.5, 6


10, 12





Centre Bore


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